Six years of extensive experience in software project management that include Management Information
System (MIS), Social media platform, Enterprises Resource Planner (ERP), and analytic platforms driven
by AI and open source community.
Six year of business consulting experience that include work flow analysis, design and implementation,
mundane efficiency improvements in administration and operations, industry related research and acquisition
of information, and problem-solving.
I feel very comfortable in documenting processes such as proposal writing, manual writing and concept notes.
I have good communication and interpersonal skills including liaising with customers, management, staff,
regulatory and financial bodies
PhD in Computer Science
Institute of Communication Systems (ICS)
University of Surrey, Guildford, UK   
THESIS - Engineering Privacy by Design for Delay Tolerant Networks                            April 2013
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
University of Peshawar
THESIS - Emulation of Load Balancing in Linux                                                                     Jan 2007
Department of Computer Science
University of Peshawar
Assistant Professor                                                                                                        April 2013 to date       
•Teaching various course to both undergraduate and postgraduate (MS and PHD) students.
•Supervising final year projects of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Supervising Research
students of both MS and PhD levels.
•Writing Research proposal for both national and international funding in addition to mundane research
Center for Communication Systems Research (CCSR)                                          Mar 2011 to Mar 2013
University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
Research Assistant
•Research proposal writing for EU and UK funding agencies with academia and industry partners.
•Supervising Final Year Projects of M.Sc. students.
•Assisting Supervisor in lab work and tutorials.
•Worked on running projects in ICS in the area of designing the architecture for privacy and security
provision in Intelligent Transport System(ITS).
Cobbett Hill Earth Station (CHE)                                                                             Nov 2008 to Mar 2013
Normandy Business Park, Surrey, UK
Network Support Engineer
•Worked on Cisco routers, switches and firewalls in the earth station.
•Provide basic troubleshooting on iDirect equipments, monitor and troubleshoot satellite bandwidth
•Working as technical assistant with IP manager and replying customer telephonic and email queries.
Forum for Area Studies & Information Center(FASIC)                                      Jan 2007 to Sep 2008
Phase-1, Hayatabad, Peshawar, KP
IT Officer
•Setup of LAN/WAN, email server, troubleshooting of network in the main office
•Supporting staff members in IT related issues and administering their web portal.
During my PhD tenure I contributed to many projects proposal on several topics such as Intelligent Trans-
port System (ITS), Cyber security, Privacy and Digital Forensics. These projects were submitted for funding
under EU program FP7 call 10 and 11 and EPSRC. These projects involved consortium partners from dif-
ferent countries such as Europe, Middle East and Canada. The following are different research areas of my
past and current research activities.
  • Blockchain technologies both applied and research.
  • Network Security, Information Security, Privacy, Anonymity and Pseudonymity.
  • Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) and its security and privacy issues.
  • Cloud Computing architecture,privacy and security related issues.
  • Formal Analysis and Verification, Information theoretic analysis.
  • Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and its privacy, routing and security issues
  • Cyber security and its formalization, emulating/simulating attacks.
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