BS Computer Science



Many prospective students have a limited understanding of what is computer science. While proficiency in computer programming is an essential skill, computer science students deal with the fundamental nature of computation, what can and cannot be computed, and how efficiently a computation can be accomplished by a machine. They study how to build computer systems (computer architecture), how to make machines think (artificial intelligence), how to build computers that can see (computer vision), how to design software that works seamlessly from different locations (computer networks and distributed systems), how to model complex problems (modelling and simulation) and how to design more efficient computing algorithms (theory of computation). The Department's highly research-active faculty encourages undergraduate students to be involved in their research work. Research opportunities focus both on fundamental research in theory of computation, computer networks, computer vision, data mining, software engineering, artificial intelligence and robotics, as well as on projects of practical socio-economic significance, such as building systems to communicate relevant information to farmers, designing mapping solutions for rural areas and building record keeping solutions for the judicial system. Due to our fledging PhD programme, undergraduate students can avail opportunities to work on research with graduate students. The Department also offers the option of continuing for a Master's degree, through its 4+1 programme, which allows the completion of both BS and MS degrees in five years. A Computer Science degree is excellent preparation for the job market of the future and CS majors take up careers in every imaginable field. The Department was formed in 1994 and our graduates have enjoyed excellent job placements over the last fifteen years, both within Pakistan and internationally. Many have chosen to make their own successful companies. The acceptance of our graduates to top MS and PhD programmes abroad has also been excellent – just this year, students who have graduated can boast acceptances from Oxford, Cambridge, UIUC, Cornell, UT Dallas, Stony Brook and UC San Diego amongst others. * The medium of instruction at UOP is English for all degree programmes offered. Assessments are accepted in English only.


Semester 1

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Computer Application



Computing with MATLABORATORY



Mathematics / Statistics



Object Oriented Programming



Technical Writing



Chemical Methods of Programming



Advance Programming


Admission Criteria

Programme Eligibility
BS Computer Science F.Sc (Pre-Engg), FCS, General Science (with Computer) having at least 45% marks.

Fee Structure

Programme Fee (Rs) Mode
BS Computer Science 31,500 Semester

Time Tables

# Subject Time Lecture
1 OPP 10:00 am to 10:40 am Dr. Shah Khusro
2 AI 10:40 am to 11:10 am Dr. Asim Jalal